Love me or Hate me

Nurhafizah Mohd Ali | Selangor, Malaysia.

Not a Facebook, Twitter and YouTube sensation. 
Just an ordinary person who wants her dream comes true. 
Really loves to capture the moment. 
Didn't call myself as a freelance photographer, but still as a beginner. Forever beginner. Never-ending passion in writing leads me to monologue myself on this awesome space. Love kids so much. Hate seafood and durians but I love tempoyak till I die. 
I'm not a true Kpopper, but in other word I can get myself indulged with any Korean music and their dramas'.
I wish I could go for a trip to South Korea someday and I'll be there.
I do believe in miracles, because miracles is another name for an effort.
Could be really easygoing, talkative and just go with the flow sometimes if you guys know me VERY WELL. Manage to achieve my ambition is my top priority. Last but not least, definitely have my own target to achieve the goals in my life.

May Allah always guide us all to truth and keep us on the straight path. Amin 

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