Hola Final Semester!

Guys I'm finally in final semester!!!

It's not easy to be at this level I told ya. Had to go through all sorts of hardship which makes me who I am today.
Now struggling for my final year project. I keep my finger cross not to flunk in this final semester, its a big NO.
I have went through so many things, wanna share my stories but never mind, I better keep it to myself lah hahah.
U better do it well, I mean really well! Godspeed.


Something big is coming real sooooon.

I'm counting days now since I've grabbed 2 seats during Free Seats Air Asia (thanks AA, u just made my dream become reality even tho its not the time yet) to.............


Somewhere that I've always wanted to be there cuz its on my bucketlist!!!
Kalau dah tekad nak pergi, memang kena pergi.
My passport literally hungers for another stamp of another country. 

This alter ego of mine always dying for another adventure, thus I challenge myself!
Sadly, the crackheads (read: my 3 awesome best friends) are not part of the trip :(
And nobody except my parents n the crackheads knows where I'm going to.

Jenis tak suka kecoh2 nak pegi mana dekat socmed is sooo me.

Just so you know people drop by here because of my bp trip to Penang last year, and I got a lot of request from blog-walkers for my itinerary through email. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you guys enjoy your vacation!

And for this upcoming trip I'm going to make one. Pre-trip, during the trip and post trip with all the expenses. No worries!

Peh, tak sabar betul. Fast forward to June 2018? Can ah?
Alright. I stop here lah. May Allah ease everything for me, amin.


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