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Have u ever felt u r the loneliest person in the world?
I can feel some of my close buddies are slowly ditching me, which makes me feel unwanted at certain time. It saddens my heart.
Mungkin sbb selama ni dia tempat aku mengadu segala hal.
I guess this is the time for me to deal with reality, where people spend most of their time with their soulmate, just to be in the path and dream they want to work it on, while me...
I only have my family. That's it. I have to be clear that different people have different journey.
Most of my friends already have their own so-called life partner. Sebab tu kot aku rasa aku ni 'sorang2'. Aku rasa aku dah tak diperlukan sebab masing2 dah berpunya.
Hanya diperlukan bila ada masalah je.
I am a loyal person. I value my friendship with mutual trust to each other and never cross my mind to break them apart.
But I can sense the distant friendship that not used to be that good anymore. I don't wanna waste my time for some people that would make…