Future talk

I have been thinking, or most likely worrying about my future which could be lingering in my mind lately. Frankly speaking, talking about my own future already give me goosebumps. Results will be out on this August, what all I can do is keep on praying for the best to continue my studies in Semester 5. I have put so much effort for the entire last semester, mostly I did not have enough rest because of pile of journal reports every week, weekend was too good to spend my time at the lab, and I was not participated much in club activities. Plus, I withdrew myself from volunteering mission to Cambodia for my own sake because I don't think I can make it this time. I was not born as a smart kid, I really need to work my ass off in my studies.

In short, no life for last semester.  I have to face some bullshit people who were being sooooooo selfish throughout the time, and that makes me getting on my nerve to handle them. I started to face reality that people come and go effortlessly. Plus, I learned that if it wasn't meant to be, then that's the reality.

If I fucked up in this semester, redha seems the only way to heal myself. :'(

Semester 6 is coming up, which I will propose my own paperwork or Final Year Project 1 (FYP1). If I got approval for my paperwork, I will continue doing the project on Semester 7 and viva presentation. Then, my industrial training or internship will be on Semester 8. After 8 semesters, I'll be graduating from UMT on November 2018, one of my life goals insya Allah. While waiting for my graduation, I hope I could place myself in the job scope within the time, most likely to build my own career.

I was thinking about getting a short break before finding a job or my graduation day. To go for a backpacking trip is another my ultimate life goals need to be achieved. South Korea on 2018, insya Allah.

By December 2018 or earlier than that, hopefully I got the job to pay back my loan aka PTPTN. Yeah, that's one of the purpose of working. 

Oh, how about my love life?
I'm not seeing anyone currently. So, I'm still don't know how to figure it out.  He will send me the best one, just a matter of time, insya Allah. Target umur 26 tahun nanti baru kahwin haha.

What a rant of your own future....

To get through all these, I need positive vibes that keep me going, most likely to face the reality. O Allah, I beg to You, please ease this journey of mine. When things gets hard, please make me stronger and braver enough to survive.  If I ever wanted to give up, please remind me that I'm doing this definitely for the my own sake, for my parents, and my future. 


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