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Future talk

I have been thinking, or most likely worrying about my future which could be lingering in my mind lately. Frankly speaking, talking about my own future already give me goosebumps. Results will be out on this August, what all I can do is keep on praying for the best to continue my studies in Semester 5. I have put so much effort for the entire last semester, mostly I did not have enough rest because of pile of journal reports every week, weekend was too good to spend my time at the lab, and I was not participated much in club activities. Plus, I withdrew myself from volunteering mission to Cambodia for my own sake because I don't think I can make it this time. I was not born as a smart kid, I really need to work my ass off in my studies.

In short, no life for last semester.  I have to face some bullshit people who were being sooooooo selfish throughout the time, and that makes me getting on my nerve to handle them. I started to face reality that people come and go effortlessly. Plu…