Let it stay on the right place

When I caught somebody staring at me in silence, I'll just pretend as nothing happened. And 0.01 seconds later all what we did were staring and smiling to each other. That was kinda smooth hahahaha. Only both of us know the meaning behind of smile and that quick stare. I just want to stay on the track, not because I want to be in such relationship that you guys could think of.
It's just like, let it stay on its place for the time being.

At least, kalau terluka, aku dapat regain myself, to realize that it's only for temporary. I will have speedy recovery! Haha. When things could not go in right way, redha dan bersyukur sebab ada hikmahnya.

Here's the thing. Kalau ada jodoh, adalah. Ayat ni memang dah jadi satu kemestian bila aku start buka cerita pasal seeking my second best man. Ayah is my ultimate best man in the world. The second man probably that somebody which I couldn't meet yet. SOON! No? Nobody knows that. Most importantly, I must trust His plans, and all what I need to do is always pray for the best. I have witnessed a lot of unexpected events happened right on my nose. Kadang2, rasa macam dalam drama pun ada. Huhu.

I don't wish to give a full commitment to a particular person for the time being. That's why I choose to believe His plans and simply just go with the flow. Dengan siapa aku berjumpa, berkawan, tentang karier dan kerjaya aku lepas aku dah usaha sehabis mungkin, and the love of my life (ibu n ayah, my close friends and unknown person), I'll leave the rest to Him.
Dengan sesiapa yang kita berjumpa tu, kita selitkanlah doa. Kita doa yang baik2 sahaja, insha Allah, Dia akan tolong.

I have this habit, aku suka share dengan Ibu aku pasal this particular person, well aku memang tak tahu malu cerita pasal jodoh dengan ibu sebab ibu aku pun jenis layankan jelah anak dia ni sebab kadang2 aku stress dengan kerja (SHE'S MY MOM OK) and I'll be like

"Ibu doakan lah kot2 kitorang ada jodoh ke"
"Tapi jauh sangat. Belajar tu habis kan dulu"

Hahaha. Yezza. Belajar gais. Aku tahu tujuan aku dekat uni, untuk merealisasikan impian aku dan harapan kedua ayah dan ibu ku :') Aku kena struggle to maintain my pointer. Seriously kau kena work hard, Pija! Lagi 3 sem lepas tu aku grad. Hopefully masa convo, all of my family members will be there, including that somebody (kalau dah jumpa lah HAHA) Entahlah. Aku pun malas nak further conversation tadi panjang2, tapi aku cuma mohon dengan ibu aku, doakan lah anakmu yang sorang ini berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat kelak. The power of dua', guys. :)

And I know there's one right time that will arrive, when everything is completely ready with Allah's will.


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