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Let it stay on the right place

When I caught somebody staring at me in silence, I'll just pretend as nothing happened. And 0.01 seconds later all what we did were staring and smiling to each other. That was kinda smooth hahahaha. Only both of us know the meaning behind of smile and that quick stare. I just want to stay on the track, not because I want to be in such relationship that you guys could think of.
It's just like, let it stay on its place for the time being.

At least, kalau terluka, aku dapat regain myself, to realize that it's only for temporary. I will have speedy recovery! Haha. When things could not go in right way, redha dan bersyukur sebab ada hikmahnya.

Here's the thing. Kalau ada jodoh, adalah. Ayat ni memang dah jadi satu kemestian bila aku start buka cerita pasal seeking my second best man. Ayah is my ultimate best man in the world. The second man probably that somebody which I couldn't meet yet. SOON! No? Nobody knows that. Most importantly, I must trust His plans, and all wh…