My Syawal so far...

Boleh dikatakan setiap minggu aku akan keluar pergi beraya.  I'm going to feed you with sooooo many photos. Just bear with it.

First week of Raya, #MencariMisterRight (bapak tak boleh blah nama group kahkah) went to Syaza's crib for beraya! These people have been with me since we were together in high school.

Here's the seniors. We've been working together in lembaga pengawas excluding Kak Tasha. Yes, Tasha Manshahar is my senior, so what? Haha.

Attending Dibah's sister wedding. Met my former SAAS teachers and friends since Dibah's dad is one of the teacher in the school.

On the same day in the evening, we rushed to Shafiq's house in Semenyih to meet this fellow of my primary school friends. A small reunion, indeed. Masa sesi bersalaman dengan tetamu dekat rumah tu, ada lah makcik ni macam terkejut jugak bila kitorang cakap yang kitorang ni kawan sekolah rendah si Shafiq. Hahahaha. It was nice being able to catch up with these people. Luckily there's no awkward moment, well actually it was between me and that guy only but I managed to avoid him at all costs. I AM DEFINITELY HAPPY.

And went to Nami's house for the wrap! Nami is my friend who're currently studying at University of Manchester. Thank you for having us walaupun ko terpisat-pisat baru bangun tido, your family sangat best sebab ramai budak kecik hehehehe.

Recently, I have attended Shia's open house at Taman Delima with my friends. We did have splendid time together with lotsa fooooood. Screw diet okay. Aku pun dah lama tak jumpa shia since raya tahun lepas kot ahahaha lama lah jugak tu kan.
Look at who're enjoying eating sate!

 Here's the girls of Dead Lost Jejongang that still able to survive! HAHAHA

 SAAS friends

At the same day, we the crackheads went to Bangsar for a great and new ambiance of lepaks. Pandai dah lepak Bangsar weh muahahaha. Coffea Coffee Cafe is a nice place to catch up with your friends. It's my very first time here. I've tried their Chocolist whatever the name because it's on promotion. Sumpah sedap gila weh. Too delish to be good okay it's worth with the price. I should try out their Caramel Machiatto next time. Coffea Coffee, checked!

 Lupalah apa nama natang ni. It's highly recommended ok

Dekat sini jugak rahsia aku terpaksa dibongkarkan. Ishhh hahahahaha.
And I reached home at 1 AM after accompanying those guy above eating at mamak.
Again. Hehehehehe

I make friends out there, but when I grow up, I just want to have a small circle of mine. Makin besar jugak, I'll put less trust on people. Life isn't that you expected anyway.
I don't push away my friends who used to be close with me, it's naturally happened that in the end they will stay away from me. Been there done that. I call it as friends for season. Memang berlambak sekarang ni. I don't really share my personal life with them and rarely lepak unless they ask me to be there.
'Kawan susah senang bukan senang nak jumpa' I hammered Ibu's quote in my mind since I was a little, has been totally proven.
You know, most of  my very true friends are coming from my high school years. They are always by my side, yeah we always together even the distance do make us apart but our heart does not.
Idk why, I trust them and all of us being ourselves mostly.
I can count on them and the clique that I am very comfortable with.

Bff.Stoned.Lonely.FTW, #MencariMisterRight and Dead Lost Jejongang - you know who you are. You guys are my friends for gazillion reasons.

Stay with me till the end of time, then.


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