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Me and my working life pt 2

On 27th August 2015, I was officially resigned from my job as a part time promoter at Parkson. Supposedly the working duration up till end of this month, but I decided to resign few days before due to some reason. And here I am, somehow I'd love to challenge myself bcs I don't really like just to be at home without doing anything, other than helping Ibu in da kitchen and be with never ending of house chores.

My everyday working routine
The ultimate reason why I should be working, every semester break?
I must generate money although to run a business is not my thing ( I'll learn someday). Despite obtain money for my endless shopping haul, actually I'm not that hardcore shopaholic who would like to spend on clothing and Sephora make ups, I will make sure every single cents goes to  my saving.

I can't believe I was there again after 3 years huhu. Bcs I already promise myself not to work there. Because you know the environment, all gossip people, rumors kinda annoys…

Selera luar biasa

I am now craving for sweets or cakes to be specific. There's no reason why my appetite these days in the worse state. My eating habit is out of my control because usually I'll be extra cautious of my daily calorie intake. Plus, I often sweat myself with cardio every night. That's why I lose 3kg during this semester break. Tehehehehe.

Macam risau jugak lah sekarang ni. I eat whatever I want anytime and anywhere (except during my working hours) Selagi ada kuih raya, selagi tu nak habiskan. Akhirnya semua kuih berjaya dihabiskan yang mana insiden yg bagi aku sangat rare dekat rumah ni.
Last 2 days, I ate mi goreng mamak for lunch. Masa second break, aku makan tosai, habiskan megi goreng dan roti bom member. Tiba-tiba rasa lapar lagi, aku tibai cheese stick dengan danish chocolate pebenda entah tapi some kind of pastry lah.

Aku pernah kerja half day yang mana habis pukul 2 petang. Biasanya aku akan lunch terus je dekat rumah, ibu aku masak pulak, jimat pun jimat. Secara random…

My Syawal so far...

Boleh dikatakan setiap minggu aku akan keluar pergi beraya.  I'm going to feed you with sooooo many photos. Just bear with it.

First week of Raya, #MencariMisterRight (bapak tak boleh blah nama group kahkah) went to Syaza's crib for beraya! These people have been with me since we were together in high school.

Here's the seniors. We've been working together in lembaga pengawas excluding Kak Tasha. Yes, Tasha Manshahar is my senior, so what? Haha.

Attending Dibah's sister wedding. Met my former SAAS teachers and friends since Dibah's dad is one of the teacher in the school.

On the same day in the evening, we rushed to Shafiq's house in Semenyih to meet this fellow of my primary school friends. A small reunion, indeed. Masa sesi bersalaman dengan tetamu dekat rumah tu, ada lah makcik ni macam terkejut jugak bila kitorang cakap yang kitorang ni kawan sekolah rendah si Shafiq. Hahahaha. It was nice being able to catch up with these people. Luckily there's no…

Iftar with crackheads

Awak tahu apa dah jadi dengan Malaysia sekarang? Tetiba PM kesayangan semua reshuffle cabinet, 9 orang jadi timbalan menteri dan 6 orang digugurkan. Including our former deputy prime minister.
OMG motip sangat aku citer pasal politik malaysia. Wow, just wow.

Sekarang meh akak nak citer pasal akak iftar dengan crackheads. Member paling gila di seantero dunia. I haven't found any of you guys in my campus with such behavior. I bet siapa yang kawan dengan kitorang akan give up kot. Tak tahan selalu kena bahan dan nganjing rasanya.
Apis invited Danial, Pika and me to have iftar together since there were not so much update about him as he shut himself from the world and went to Jengkalifornia to pursue his studies. Kitorang bertiga macam excited lah jugak sebab dah lama tak jumpa mamat ni.

Initially somebody want to go Setia City Mall because of its greenly park so we could spend our evening with outdoor activity like playing giant balloon. And we may have our iftar at Seoul Garden.