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9th January, a bucket of hope

It's semester break, people! I'm finally homeeeeeee~
Oleh sebab aku dilahirkan agak awal dari kawan-kawan aku, maka ucapan sebegini memang dah sebati;
"Selamat Hari Tua!"
"Happy Birthday. Dah tua hokaaay hahaha"

Tapi paling obvious sekali adalah,

"Semoga dipertemukan jodoh bla bla bla"


How time flies. I'm all grown up now, still have a long wayyyyy to go.
So for past 20 years, what I have really done with myself actually?

 I, myself don't know though haha. Because I'm all go with the flow kind of person.

Okay, this is happened on a day before my birthday. Just because I have to sit my exam on my birthday, so these cool girls aka my roommates and jiran sebelah decided to make a surprise birthday party for me. I didn't realize their 'acting' even though I sensed something was not right on that moment but I just let it slide.

Dengar ada orang ketuk bilik panggil Yana, pastu aku suruh je orang tu masuk sebab malas …

2014 dan segala isinya

Aku tanya apa khabar
Aku tanya apa khabar

Mereka kata masa depan kami sungguh cerah
Lirik dan rap kami bak anugerah
Qu puteh qu puteh


2014. Tinggal seribu satu kenangan. Nak kata 2014 was a blast, tak jugak. Nak kata the worst year ever pun tak boleh jugak. Heh.

Let's recap what's happening on 2014:

1) Final semester of matriculation program. I have awesome friends and lecturers mostly. Even I didn't be a top scorer, I didn't achieve my aim to have that 4 flat in my hands, but the memories turn out to be too perfect to remember. At first, I really dislike that place. I don't think that I can survive for 2 years, with all conflicts within my friends and I had, I started to miss high school years and I don't want to move on at all.. To be honest, after I graduated from that place, I miss everything about Kolej Matrikulasi Selangor.

2) Something happened around February, I accidentally made a biggest mistake in my life.
 In that year, I'm thinking …