Before I off to somewhere I should be...

A few days before I departed to Terengganu, I'd really wish to meet everyone including my teachers and my lecturers. Tapi, lecturer kat KMS tak sempat nak pergi jumpa pun. iSad. Because of I have to settle down my important documents and was running out of time, I had to cancel certain plans that met with my schedule. Plan kemain lagi tapi habuk pun tarak. Kita yang merancang, tapi Allah yang tentukan, betul dak? Tak apa, panjang umur kita jumpa lagi ye.

28 August 2014
We've been planning a girls day out with le awesome roommates since in KMS. Tapi plan tu selalu sangat tak jadi. Salah satu sebabnya mmg we're too busy like hell.  Then, on 28th, I went out with Syera only as she stayed next to my area which is Putrajaya. Since both of us NEVER going out to Mid Valley using  KTM Komuter, we decided to try it once. And we made it! Main redah je. Haha.I guess redah and terjah would be one of my backpacking tips someday haha.

I really miss Syera so much. Somehow she can be one of my good listener. She do tell to me whatever she wants. During my ups and downs, she'll be there. When I was having a conflict with myself, to deal with unnecessary things that kinda bother my days, she'd advised me.

Motif sebenar nak window shopping tapi Bonita ada sales masa tu.......

Craving for coffee bean right now

Beb, I wish you all the best for your future undertakings. I know you're having hard time to decide your own path but trust me, this is your journey. No matter how far we are, I wish our friendship grow stronger day by day with the rest of our roommates. I swear you guys are the best roomies ever.
Good luck in UK. I really want to send you off, but it's not my rezeki to catch you later on.
See you next year, insha Allah.

29 August 2014
Went out with my former schoolmates and bestfriends, Fariza and Pika. Fariza is now studying at UniSZA which is next to my campus while Pika at UTHM. Tak sempat nak merayap ke KL, jadi ke Alamanda lah kami pada hari tu. Most of us, just went through shops and outlets last2 satu hape pun tak beli.

 Jet jet retis je memasing hahah. If you know what I mean.

 I swear Uniqlo is the best place for selfie freak. #ButImNot #EhYeKe

Alamanda is such a nice place but I prefer the administration add up a few stores like Cotton On, Forever21. Baru lah tak boring kot haha. Then we quenched our thirst at Old Town before we off to Bangi. Ke mana lagi jika bukan ke SBU haha.
At the end of the day, I managed not to buy anything for myself hahaha.
Thanks for the day korunkz.

After Fariza dropped me and Pika at MP, we decided to accompany this Mr. MPP to watch on his diet plan urm not really hahahaha ok just an early dinner as he said he wanted to treat us with Subway. Kononnya last day lah dapat jumpa Danial ni. Kononnya lah.

  Dekat Ganu mana la nak rembat Subway.

31st August 2014

Someone was expected to ruin my last day of being at home. I successfully avoid myself to meet that particular person purposely. Come on, setakat nak wish good luck dan selamat jalan, I guess there's lot of way to do that other than meet me in person. Kita berkawan, jadi mohon jaga batas kau sebagai seorang kawan. Aku cuma nak pergi sana dengan tenang aman dan bahagia hendaknya. Mohon jangan buat hidup aku serabut lagi. I feel myself at ease right now, so please don't meddle in my life anymore bcs you're just nobody. I repeat, nobody.

I received a call from this guy on Sunday evening while shopping groceries at Tesco with my family. Last minute notice ajak aku pegi Mid -,- Mamat ni memang selalu macam ni. Nasib baik kitorang mmg faham perangai dia. As on weekend Mid memang sesak, then we cancelled off his plan. Lepas keluar makan dengan ibu dan ayah, teman dia pulak kali kedua pergi dinner. Last minute plan really suits you weh Danial -.- Nasib baik ibu dan ayah bagi aku keluar lagi petang tu.
Nasib baik jugak kau bestfriend aku, Danial.

I can't even swallow any food at that moment (ceh padahal habis je makan) sebab baru lepas keluar makan -_-
Thanks for being there during my hard time. The best part of being friends with them is, they'll console me with such comfort words, indeed. Bila aku ada masalah, these people are willing to be with me. Kalau memasing pun ada masalah, kitorang akan share dan cari jalan penyelesaian sama-sama. Allahu, I love this kind of friendship. Ya Allah, Mohon pelihara persahabatan ini :'). Ok aku start rindu depa ni haih awat ceghita pasal hangpa ni hahahaha. And the rest of Jejongang, I do love you guys haha. Mampu menganjing dekat Whatsapp group je.

"Kalau dah bangang berkawan dengan yang bangang, takde beza beb"

Yknow our true definition of 'bangang'? Only we understand that. 


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