Of preparation and lepaks

Apparently, I received an offer regarding my university enrollment which will be on 2nd September. Of course I have to do a LOOOOOT of things that need to be done such as online registration, fees, medical check up, ptptn application, documents yada yada and all that. Since UMT main account is CIMB, so I don't have to open up any account and things get much easier. (I already have 4 acc cukup ah tu)

Spot that calculator. Siap buat calculation on every single thing I have spent. Setakat ni je dah dekat 4K. I feel so..haih. I know this is Ayah's responsibility but I don't want to burden him. Dengan duit yang aku kerja tu, walaupun tak semenggah yang diharap, alhamdulillah I could help myself.

Today, I went to KPMC Kajang alone for my medical check up. Kalau korang perasan, KPMC ni popular dgn shooting drama melayu haha. Honestly it was my very first time I went there and got treatment at non-government hospital. Actually I would prefer klinik kesihatan for my check up because the payment is not that pricey. However, I need to do an appointment bcs the result could be take up about one or two month! How come lah???

    Almost everything I settle by myself and this is such a great achievement I must say hehehehe

Last Wednesday, it's a girls day out with Aida, Kecik and Umi! Selain jejongang, dorang ni kawan baik aku dari Form 1 lagi. Dah lama gila tak jumpa Kecik dengan Umi. Fara apatah lagi. Bila aku kat kolej, kemain dorang lepak sesama. Kesian kita tau haha. Lepas culik Umi dari KPTM Bangi, kitorang pergi Wander by TudungPeople dekat Bangi Gateway. Saje nak try their coffee.

 Here's a lil review. The cafe is a boutique concept, where you can shop Tudung People collection next to their cafe. The menu is not that bad, but I'm looking forward for more variety in delicious cakes and coffee. I noticed the cakes available on that day was too limited. So I tried Iced Cappucino, not that bad. It's a cafe-boutique concept, so don't expect much. I expect they did serve a plentiful of menu, from starter to main course and even dessert so I was a lil bit disappointed. But it is just a coffee shop.

 We. Could. Not. Stop. Gossiping.

Our stomach has started to growl. Then, the next food hunt was Red Card Restaurant, located behind Old Town White Coffee, Bangi. It's highly recommended for those who wants a perfect dinner. Haha. Red Card kena bayar aku promote dorang ni. 
 Here's the Spaghetti Arabiata. The portion is too large but I managed to finish them and taste is superb!!
Muka happy sebab dah kenyang.

The next pit stop was SincerelyByUs Shawl Boutique. I made my first step in SBU Bangi, but I have been to SBU Shah Alam before they move in to the new boutique. Sempat lah rembat tudung sehelai hahaha. Lepas tu, kitorang pergi The Sisters Boutique. Since there are a few vendor concept boutique in Bangi, I guess Bangi has resembles a lot like Shah Alam, isn't it?

Hari pun dah petang, we sent Umi off to her apartment. It was definitely great day with them before off to somewhere I should be. Knowing that our friendship would not be end, I really hope that all of us succeed in whatever path we take.

I love you guys to the moon and back!


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