I want you to stay. Stay away

I have put up the courage to write this kind of thing. But I'm only human, to expose my feelings on here is a little bit of pleasure. I don't know whether you will read this, but if you do, please take it as a reminder.

I thought we've done with it already, but actually it was out of my expectation. Could you please just not be like 'that' anymore? 'that' is referring to, erm I'm pretty sure you know yourself well. I seriously let it slide for million times, I ignore those things that may seems too little for me, but you're trying to seek attention from me and everyone in this world. Please don't try to deal with my patience, will ya? I just kenot brain what you're trying to do, dude -.-

Orang yang buat salah dengan aku, sejujurnya aku maafkan orang itu dengan seikhlas hati. Cuma aku tak mudah lupa. Easy to forgive, hard to forget - my style. Kalau orang tu masih lagi rasa bersalah, that's his business. Aku tak marah dan aku tak suka berdendam. Serius, nampak aku main-main ke macam mana sekarang?

Kau rasa bila aku maafkan kau, jadi kau berharap aku akan kembali? 

Kau silap.

Aku maafkan bukan tujuan memberi harapan. Aku maafkan kerana kau patut dimaafkan dan atas dasar kawan dari kecik. Selebihnya, kau mohon ampun dari yang atas sana. You're hoping for something which I can say possible for you but it is impossible for me. The truth is it is impossible for both of us to make it happen again. I know you will find a way, don't you think it's wasting your time for waiting something that you certainly have no idea about that? Wake up.

Aku malas nak repeat ayat 'you will found the perfect person that willingly accept your flaws and weaknesses, and the person is not me'. I don't want to meddle with this kind of thing again and again like forever.  Do I have to tell you that I don't want to be with you anymore?
Sejujurnya aku belum sekejam itu kecuali jika keadaan memaksa. Cuma aku mohon kau faham sendiri. Dah besar kan?

It's been months already since the day I went away from your life but please by hook or by crook, you have to move on.

Sebab perasaan aku dah hilang. HILANG.

We can't be like we used to, I am sorry.


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