of oldies, iced latte and a stranger

Recently I went to the bank, to settle a problem regarding to my ATM card. Once it done, I stumbled upon two Indian oldies who were asking for my help.
They don't know how to withdraw some cash because it was their first time dealing with the machine. Actually, I was a little bit hesitated to help them but I immediately pushed away the negative thought. I have to be more careful somehow. Kau tahu lah sekarang memacam kan. I did a quick decision, maybe they don't really know about it so why not?

Both of them withdraw quite a large amount of money. Glad that nothing has happened, at least I did a good deed on that morning.
With the little deed, it made my day. Just so you know that the feeling after helping people even though they're a completely stranger is really something. You're able to lend your hand, and they thanked you gracefully. Haha
After the incident, I went for my mission of the day - job hunting! Dah apply kat watson dengan kfc. Probabiliti untuk dapat kerja yang aku apply macam hmmm....entah. Sampai sekarang aku tunggu takde pun depa call.

Done with job hunting, went to have a cup of iced latte at Dunkin Donuts. Why not J.Co or Big Apple? It isn't available in my area :( Why not Starbucks? It's not like I'm against them for their contribution towards Israel. Yes, I really against them but first, lemme take a selfie. Haha ok tak lawak.
 I don't drink em. I'm not interested, not very familiar with the menu frappucino chips yada yada all that. Second, I'm not a person who bring along Apple product (somebody said this on Twitter) in the Starbucks, snap some photos and upload the swaggy cup with my name on Instagram. LOL. Aku tak ada masalah dengan orang yang suka upload gambar makanan sebab aku suka! Tapi kalau hari-hari upload cawan starbak tulis nama hang, hmm....

 I notice some of Malaysian do this stuffs with no reason. Show off? Maybe yes,because Starbucks is quite a pricey ice-blended and trusted brand. Whether it is a trend or anything else, I still found it sucks.

Gosh, I wish more and more coffee or bakery shop like A Twosome Place and Paris Baguette will set up in Malaysia. Tous Les Jours should expand their branch here in Malaysia too. I'm not a frequent coffee drinker, but cappucino is my cup of tea. Hehe

 I was alone at that time. Haha. But I'm not that bored, I just wanted to be alone to clear some thought. After a few sip of coffee, there was a foreigner guy either Myanmar/ Vietnamese approached and sat in front of me. He did a volunteer work, explaining an charity event and even asked me politely to donate some cash. I spoke in Malay, but it seems like the guy didn't understand at all. Maka terpaksalah gua speaking habis dengan beliau.

"Excuse me, what if I don't want?"
"It's up to you"
"Its not like I don't want to give. But it would be alright if you have the further detail about this event"
"But if you're intended to give, the children would be happy"
I stared blankly on the piece of signature card with a few name on it, seeking for the decision in my head.
"I'm sorry, I don't want to give any. Thanks"
He made his annoyed look and turned away.

I really wanted to help. But i don't think this kind of method will really help them even in financial support. You know nowadays, the world are full with lies. I am quite an observant person, I noticed some of his bizarre actions although the idiom 'do not judge a book by its cover' popped out in my mind, I believe with my instinct at that time. It must be a syndicate.

Aku bukanlah kedekut nak menghulurkan beberapa keping not, fikir secara rasional. Bukan aku tak nak bersedekah. Aku akan berikan jika aku betul-betul yakin dengan instinct aku. Ini semua menipu, trick nak kaut untung sendiri, padahal benda tu tak wujud langsung. Aku sangat memandang serius tentang hal hal seumpama ini.

So there are many ways to help people out there. Kalau aku betul-betul ada masa, memang dah lama aku buat volunteer work. Tak pun, register myself in IM4U.I prefer the one that I able to help, practically. Just like my first incident, I will feel really glad because I face the situation.

If you're willingly to help people, go ahead. One small kindness you did, it will be a giant leap to humanity. I believe despite of intolerable and immorality cases reveal, humanity do exist in today's society. However, just don't put much trust on strangers, because people do take us for granted. They will go berserk, out of your expectation sometimes.

Whatever it is, the choices still in your hand.


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