Seprais sangaaaaat

Lately, I've got so many "surpriseeeeeee, tada! here's for you Pija!" situation which would lead me to smash my head off the wall.

-I have made a biggest mistake during my working hour. One of my customers yelled  at me for the first time ever in my life. It was very heartbreaking, I admit it was totally my fault.
But what make it worst is it hurts my pride as a human being. Selama aku kerja lepas spm sampai sekarang, aku pernah kena marah dengan customer tapi tak pernah buat aku menangis.
What makes me confuse is, either I'm not that strong like I used to be back then or the situation itself.
Gua hati kental kot!
I almost give up on my job, but I have to withstand the pressure. Well, this is life.

-After the incident, I've got to know that somebody was trying to 'bully' me because I'm newbie there.
I don't know what's his intention, but I just have to be more careful next time.

-Today, I met a few of my old mates coincidentally on different time at my workplace. The 'best' part was my colleague intentionally brought 'somebody' along with her. Yeah, I met him after two months.

"Dia nak minta maaf,"

Whatthahell did I misheard something?????? Fish.
I just don't know what to say. I'm a dead meat but at the same time, I have to face this. Both of us have to.
However, I notice that he and his ego can never be separated. Still can be fooling around like a child.
At that moment, I stick with my decision which it turn out to be his greatest lesson for his entire life.

I've reached the point where I just don't want to give a damn about it anymore.

And I promised myself not gonna look back.


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