When we talk about our dream, each of us would have our own bucket list which consist a LOT of things need to be achieved, indeed.
Pernah tak rasa macam memberontak kat diri sendiri, bilalah aku nak capai impian tu? Kenapa bukan sekarang? Berapa lama kena tunggu? Macam mana hidup aku tahun depan, 5 tahun akan datang, sepuluh tahun akan datang?

 Soalan-soalan ni memang dah biasa menerjah kat akal fikiran aku dan selalunya aku akan kata balik,
"Rezeki depa, hang usaha hang dapatlah. Believe in your dream, your wish will be granted then"
Ayat macam pujuk diri sendiri kan? Yes I really am. Tapi keadaan sekeliling aku dah buktikan betapa hebatnya ayat 'believe in your dream' tu.
I promise myself not to give up on my dream, cuz dream only remains a dream unless we work hard for it. Insha Allah, kalau niat baik Allah akan permudahkan.

So now, I should stay focus on my studies. I don't think I am in a stable situation just because I can maintain my result in exam. I have experience of being on top and fall as well. Each of us would experience it because life isn't that great after all. I've fall for a few times, then I get up, try to put my best smile to overcome the pain. Once I fall, I will get up and keep on walking. It's damn hurt. I don't want to let myself lost the track cuz things getting hard day by day. Since I am a person just go into the flow, I finally realize that life is kinda unpredictable though.

I should put myself in the best condition. Watlek watpeace sudah.

Nothing is impossible. Always believe your dream will comes true, someday :)


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