Just wanna let you know that I'm still alive

 Meet my awesome roomies and the latest picca of mine. Growing up.


First of all, I've several reasons why I didn't update my blog
- I've been busy all this while got no ample time to write
-My passion in writing seems fading away...tsk
-Clearly I'm busy studying
-Fail of digging some ideas
-Somehow I am completely disappointed to myself

Lazy people always give thousand reasons. HAHA.

Notice something different? Finally you found me here, well done!
I change my link to the new one for the third time. Haha. Tak tahulah kenapa gatai sangat pi tukar. Okay I swear this would be the last yeah last.

June was the last post? How time flies!
Finally, I've finished my super duper hectic Semester 3, Alhamdulillah. That means I have only one more semester to go! 
Which is about 5 months to end my matriculation program.

Semester 3 memang semester yang buat hidup serabut dan kelam kabut.
Of course things are getting hard, but still under control. Lotsa things happened around me. I just don't know how to summarize it into this entry so then I won't forget and still capable to reminisce it when I reach 40.
For sure the experience has develop me to become a better person.
Mungkin lebih matang? Kahkahkah.
Erm, I hope so.

This sem break I'll just stuck in home, doing nothing. Korean dramas' probably will accompany a loner like me ahahahaha.

Enough with random post. I'll post something later :)

p/s: Kemain panjang tajuk entri maklumlah dah lama tak hapdate 


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