I call it dream

If I have to list out all my wishlist, supposedly its gonna be not enough for one post.
I really want to work hard for my dream, instead of keep on dreaming something that I don't think
it can fully accomplish by myself.
Well, I wasn't born with silver spoon by my parents. Although I live in a small family,
it doesn't mean I can simply ask anything what I want and in a blink of eyes my wish would have been granted.
Ayah is a police officer, while Ibu is only a full time housewife. With his not so high monthly wage, Ayah feed us with a lot of things which I couldn't ask more. I feel grateful of what I have.
However, even sometimes I feel it isn't enough cuz I am human being just like you.
Because we all are just ordinary human being that can never being satisfied with what we have right now.
Oleh itu, sila bersyukur dengan nikmat yang ada. :D

Since my desires are infinity, I've decided not to include anyone especially my parents in order to bring my dream into reality. I just don't want to be such a burdensome and always clinging on them. I want to work hard by myself, cause then I will feel satisfaction and proud of myself. And this is what I really did to fulfill my hunger desire. Wouldn't you?

Somehow I think, how about my friends out there that outrageous of spending their money with no limit, to take for granted of their parents wealth only to make their wish come true?
It's your dream, why you bother everyone to get into your business but actually you are capable enough to take care of it?
To bring it into reality, time is really needed.

And patience is all about too.

For me as long as the effort are exist, I strongly believe that it will turns out well as I wish with Allah's will.
Rezeki masing-masing, ada cepat ada lambat kan.

I am on my way, to make my dream come true...


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