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-Will be sitting for MUET paper tomorrow, wish me luck peeps! *ada ke yang baca ni haha* -Going back to college in a bit. Wanna enjoy my life there to the fullest, pretty excited but unhappy to leave Kajang as well. Hmm, that's life. -Just realize that finally it's my last sem wehuuuu!!!! Do your best in your studies, fighting!

 The Heirs.

Something was coming up and to avoid further misunderstanding, this is what I did. Tak payah pening kepala, cuba rendahkan sikit ego hang dan mengalah.  Because I really mean it to let it slide, and it seems the best way.

So when will be my next update? HAHA

That feeling

Hungry? Grab a Snickers.
It's been a while that feeling didn't approach me.
Somehow, I feel glad because I can get rid of it.
Berhajat supaya that feeling isn't exist anymore till I reach 20. Ceh berapa bulan je lagi umur nak 20.
But on the other hand, sometimes I'm not at all :(

Since I'm not clinging into anyone, I do have a crush. Well, to have a crush on someone is not a crime. But yeah, he's all taken by a friend of mine.
Dan aku pun tak kisah lah, since he's my friend jugak aku anggap dia kawan biasa. Ingat senang nak anggap macam kawan biasa? I would say, its hard to handle, to care, to persuade yourself except if you're strong enough to face it with all your heart.
I get to know him well slowly, day by day and alhamdulillah that feeling pun hilang dengan sendirinya.
Truthfully, The Greatest One shows me all the signs that obviously he is NOT for me.

Entah, kadang2 aku takut. Aku takut nak beri peluang dekat orang lain, end up aku cuma mam…

I call it dream

If I have to list out all my wishlist, supposedly its gonna be not enough for one post.
I really want to work hard for my dream, instead of keep on dreaming something that I don't think
it can fully accomplish by myself.
Well, I wasn't born with silver spoon by my parents. Although I live in a small family,
it doesn't mean I can simply ask anything what I want and in a blink of eyes my wish would have been granted.
Ayah is a police officer, while Ibu is only a full time housewife. With his not so high monthly wage, Ayah feed us with a lot of things which I couldn't ask more. I feel grateful of what I have.
However, even sometimes I feel it isn't enough cuz I am human being just like you.
Because we all are just ordinary human being that can never being satisfied with what we have right now.
Oleh itu, sila bersyukur dengan nikmat yang ada. :D

Since my desires are infinity, I've decided not to include anyone especially my parents in order to bring my dream in…

Just wanna let you know that I'm still alive

Meet my awesome roomies and the latest picca of mine. Growing up.

First of all, I've several reasons why I didn't update my blog
- I've been busy all this while got no ample time to write
-My passion in writing seems fading away...tsk
-Clearly I'm busy studying
-Fail of digging some ideas
-Somehow I am completely disappointed to myself

Lazy people always give thousand reasons. HAHA.

Notice something different? Finally you found me here, well done!
I change my link to the new one for the third time. Haha. Tak tahulah kenapa gatai sangat pi tukar. Okay I swear this would be the last yeah last.

June was the last post? How time flies!
Finally, I've finished my super duper hectic Semester 3, Alhamdulillah. That means I have only one more semester to go! 
Which is about 5 months to end my matriculation program.

Semester 3 memang semester yang buat hidup serabut dan kelam kabut.
Of course things are getting hard, but s…