Bosan, maka gua update lah sepatah dua kata


I know most of my friends are happily working and busy doing their job hunting to earn some pocket money.
And experience as well.
Ohhh maynnn how I wish I could be in their shoes. Haha.
Best kot kerja! Walaupun penat.
It reminds me about a year ago as a staff in one of popular and prestigious bookstore in Kajang.
Not a very tough job EXCEPT during peak hours. Whether you will be extremely trembling because of standing dalam masa yang lama or a partially corpse, you decide.
Basically, dealing with the customers and some sort of people that have no manners taught me to be a good person in handling my patience. Sabar tu separuh daripada iman yo.
However, the experience are more worthwhile :)
Takpe lah, nanti habis next year terus cari kerja la yo.
So how about me? Being stuck in my crib isn't cool after all.
Doing house chores, cooking, watching Korean dramas' and variety shows, and some movies in the external hard disk, read a few of books that have been bought using BB1M even I'm not so into them right now.
Dok melayan my partner in crime Ain yang makin membesar dan boleh bawa gaduh. Takdelah sunyi sangat rumah ni.
Haih tak tahulah kenapa mood editing tu tak nak approach masa cuti ni.
Essentially, at least I'm happy and enjoy my life to the fullest right now cos I've nothing to worry about.
Except when it comes to my exam result which is it will be announce on next Thursday. -___-

Someone asked me to share the Korean drama yang aku layan sepanjang cuti ni. Cerita yang aku bold kan tu memang best.

-Flower Boy Ramyun Shop, 2011
-City Hunter, 2011
-Me, Too Flower 2011
-I Miss You, 2012
-Arang and The Magistrate, 2012
-The Moon That Embraces The Sun, 2012 ( tengah layan)
-Iris 2, 2013 (mestilah, siap buat review lagi kemainnnnn)
-Flower Boy Next Door, 2013
-That Winter The Wind Blows, 2013
-The Fugitive of Joseon (currently airing on kbsworld)

OK aku macam tak sangka aku dah habis tengok semua cerita ni dalam masa sebulan muahahahaha! I'm a happy kid LOL.
I have to reward myself after quite some time of struggling in my studies kot. This is how I do, lain orang lain caranya kan?
Doing the same thing all day and night but the best thing is Ibu always feed me with her best dishes. HAHA. No wonder I've gain 2 kg during this semester break ngehehehehe.

Duhh I dont know what to say anymore. Jeongmalyo!
Luckily I got chuuu blog, the place where I express everything.
Uh no, the place to overcome my boredom I guess. Sebab tulah followers tak gerak2 dari 2 tahun lepas yo hahahaha.
Don't follow me. Just don't.

So, I found this while watching Flower Boy Ramyun Shop. I have one habit which I couldn't resist after all, screen capturing some of the quotes in anything that I watched.

Perasan ah kau. *pandang cermin buat peace*


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