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It's been for a while I didn't write something here. I just busy doing many things that have been sorted out at home in my two weeks of 'hibernation'. Tehehehee

As usual, randomness will be my main point. Haha. Basically, I've so many assignments and tutorials need to be settled before the holiday is coming to the end. After lame hours of studying, I manage to watch a few of dramas' as recommended by a friend of mine. Yelah, dekat hostel sana memang harapan lah aku nak dapat peluang macam ni kan? Let's assume that it'll reduce my stress. YES, IT IS! Haha. \(^_^)/
Recently, I've finished watching a 2010 Thai movie, First Love (A Little Thing called Love). Mario Maurer berlakon! A handsome guy but unlucky him, he's not my type. Hahaha. This movie is veghi the funniehh I tell you. Haha. Ask Mr. Google if you want further synopsis about this movie.

Next, I've watched Heartstrings, originally from South Korea, starring by Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa. Aku dah lama tak update pasal kpop and kdrama bagai ni sejak duduk matriks. Heartstrings, this drama is awesome yawww! I heard about both of them will be together again for this drama but I never intended to watch it. Even though they never got paired in You're Beautiful, but it seemed like the chemistry was there. Moreover, the OST's  are nice to be on top of my playlist right now. Tetiba aku terminat Jung Yong Hwa balik. :D Ergh, put the blame on my classmate, Diyana. HAHA

I just love the combination and fusion of modern music and traditional music.

Part ni sedih sangat.

In addition, Koishite Akuma will be the next. A japanese drama, as recommended by my classmate aka a big fan of anime, Ain. Belum ada kesempatan lagi nak tengok sebab baru je habis tengok Heartstrings.

Oh anyway, I'm here to wish you guys Happy Eid Mubarak. Yeah, I'm quite sad Ramadhan is going to leave us. May Syawal brings you a new refreshment, which is to be a better person in the future. Salam Aidilfitri kepada semua yang mengenali saya, kawan2 dan cikgu2 di SKJS1, SMKSAAS, dan juga warga KMS. Segala salah dan silap harap dimaafkan. Kosong - kosong ok? *kosong~ Kosong ohh ohh - najwa latip*

Last but not least, 

I'm dying. *STOP IT PIJA*


Anonymous said…
Suke gile tengok gambar tu bergerak banyak kali, nampak cartoons dekat dalam tu da semput nak lompat- raihan
Fizah Mohd Ali said…
semput sebab puasa la weh. HAHA :D

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