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Oh My Raya!


My Eid-ul Fitr this year was totally a blast! Alhamdulillah, masih berkesempatan untuk menyambut Aidilfitri bersama keluarga pada tahun ini. Maklumlah, susah sikit nak balik sejak tinggal dekat Seoul tu. Ni pun booked ticket right after last aku balik dulu errr HAHA. Cut the craps jah oiii. Berangan tak beringat. --'
Let le pictures below tell you how amazing and superb raya I had. :D



  The cute and pretty girls

The smart and handsome boys.

Meet my ex- Saasian. Whaddaya expect??? Hahaha
Say whatttt? BESTPRENNGGGG! Rindu gila dekat korang :'(

Putrajaya > Sekamat > Bangi > Kajang Perdana > Sungai Jelok 
and now I'm going back to college. Shit happens. Counting the days to PSPM, struggling for the final examination in Semester 1. Sorry for the lousiest and lameness of quick update, tak sempat den nak berceghito pasal kolej den ngan rayo ni. Papo pun, mekasih la bebanyak cuz (amboi) membaco. Have a nice day ahead. Tata.


*click on the photo*
It's been for a while I didn't write something here. I just busy doing many things that have been sorted out at home in my two weeks of 'hibernation'. Tehehehee

As usual, randomness will be my main point. Haha. Basically, I've so many assignments and tutorials need to be settled before the holiday is coming to the end. After lame hours of studying, I manage to watch a few of dramas' as recommended by a friend of mine. Yelah, dekat hostel sana memang harapan lah aku nak dapat peluang macam ni kan? Let's assume that it'll reduce my stress. YES, IT IS! Haha. \(^_^)/
Recently, I've finished watching a 2010 Thai movie, First Love (A Little Thing called Love). Mario Maurer berlakon! A handsome guy but unlucky him, he's not my type. Hahaha. This movie is veghi the funniehh I tell you. Haha. Ask Mr. Google if you want further synopsis about this movie.

Next, I've watched Heartstrings, originally from South Korea, starring by P…

#39 Note to myself

Frankly speaking, no matter how much I tried to be happy, how hard I need to hide the burden I'm having now, it always end up with tears. I need to get a real life. I really miss the old Fizah.

Yes, I'm a coward, I don't trust people easily.
Am I being tested, again?