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I'm posting this entry live from KMS Computer Lab. *applause* I managed to update this blog after 45 days during my Science Computer practical session. Cool ey? Haha

Clearly I'm busy studying (^_^)v
 Alhamdulillah, life has been so far so good. Good enough eh? Pffftt. Totally not good enough but sometimes it could be so much fun, facing the super hectic life here -,- Tonnes of tutorials are waiting for me to finish it. This week and afterwards gonna be hectic, busy and whatsoever related with the word busy, I'm going to sit a few of quizzes,pre-UPS and UPS for the next week. Hell yeah.

From 8am till 4pm,it seems like the clock are ticking so fast, and then the particular day ends with a lot of things need to be settle as soon as possible. My days begin with my superb classmates which is more like a family now, because all of us in the same boat. D2M3T2, you guys are awesome to the max! Haha. On top of that, matrics life has taught me many things to become a better and inde…