Note to myself

"Later, I was happy to see your fingers and toes grow every day. When I was tired, I went over to you and opened your fingers. Touched your toes. When I did that, I felt energised. When I first put shoes on you, I was really excited. When you toddled over to me, I laughed so much; even if someone had spilled out a heap of gold and silver and jewels in front of me, I wouldn't have laughed like that. And how do you think I felt when I sent you to school? When I pinned your name tag and a handkerchief on you chest, I felt so grown up. How can I compare the happiness I got watching your legs get thicker with anything else? Everyday, I sang, grow and grow, my baby. And then, one day, you were bigger than me.' - Please Look After Mother, Shin Sook Kyung.

Tears were rolling down my cheeks while reading this novel. Still remember she came to my kindergarten to send a Maggi lunch box during my recess (because I want to). Ibu and ayah used to buy many storybooks instead of toys for me that's why I never owned a Barbie doll  in my entire life. By reading this novel, I always flash mob back my memories with Ibu and Ayah back then. Their sacrifices, too many to be listed. Please, appreciate them.

Dear novel, thank you for make me sad (with regrets blends), for being a captivating story evahhhhhh, give me sort of inspiration that I-don't-know-how-to-explain-it for yougaissss.

What the most important is, I owe my parents a success.

*Tink! Your wish is granted.........*

Maybe not for now but sooner or later, will be.


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