My Korea Trip, takde nak pakai sweater snowcap whatsoever. Of course dalam mimpi.

The SPM result will be announced soon. :O Everyone was in their own prediction, anticipated what they'd get after 2 years of struggling. I know I'm not the only one who're extremely nervous, crying my heart loud at the crucial time and wishing for the best. Not the best, even more the best. I started to worry about my future and I HATE-THIS-FEELING-TO-THE-MAX. Like everyone else, I wish that everything will be alright. Let's keep on praying because Allah is always by your side. Setiap apa yang kita tadahkan kepada-Nya akan menjadi kenyataan, Insya Allah. He absolutely knows what's the best for us.

p/s : Lutut belum puas menggigil lagi.
p/s2 : Mencari rezeki di Parkson pula :D


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