Crap, Crab, Krap (!) I dont know what's the suitable title for this post. Lemme explain first. I do express myself here. This is a real crap mannn, and I hope you'll ignore this post. -,-

When someone who’re very close with me, asking me “Don’t you want to move on with someone else?”
I was like...Uh? Eh? Hah? Amende kau ni? *Eh tiba-tiba emo -,-

A confession like common girls out there, I admit that I’ve been in a relationship before. At the the age of 13, I learned many things in previous experiences about love. At the crucial time when all of sudden he came into my mind, I seek guidance from Him and succeed to withstand all the pressure surrounds me with my effort. Yes, this is what I did rather than crying every second because of a guy, when the relationship is ended.
Past is past, there’s nothing to do with it. Tell me, should I cried over a spilled milk?

Ejil and me. He's waiting for someone. HAHA.

Sometimes He sets you with someone that you love, but at the end you will be with someone else. To people who’re in love, I should say that you’ve to be strong and be prepared to face anything in the future. That’s we called life.

Before we find the right one, we supposed to love who’re created us. Love Him by doing what we supposed to do as His servants. He’s the one who determined your destiny and to whom you’ll be with someday. Who we are to change his fate?
If its fated, then He will. Have you ever watched Davichi’s music video, Don’t Say Goodbye? Yeah I know most of us doesn’t like K-pop much, maybe bcos they're singing and dancing, or they have small eyes.. o_O emm okay whatever. :P but sometimes you have to change your taste in music LOL. Music is universal (an acceptable reason I guess) hahah :D Its a meaningful Korean song that describe there’s no people in the world would like to say goodbye to the love one. Yes, I know that.
Frankly speaking, no matter what we feel, people still come and go without our permission. To people who’re in the same boat, yeah I know its hurt when we lost someone we love, but we have to move on, start the new chapter of life, and show the world that we’re brave and strong enough to overcome the situation, like me. Been there, done that.

Menjerit tahap bergegar rumah ni bila tengok je camera, jadi macam apa yang diharapkan. Ni aku buat sayang kau lebih ni nikon oi. HAHA.

Next, life without boyfriend could be awesome, but in certain time you’ll feel lonely even though family are here with you. It’s true and it happens to me.  Tapi aku sedar, itu semua mainan perasaan. Kau tengok kawan kau couple, mulalah rasa diri tu nak disayangi macam orang lain. Macamlah selama ni tak disayangi oleh ibu dan ayah kita. Perasaan suka dengan orang yang berlainan jantina tu normal lah. Biarlah yang menyayangi kita itu kerana Allah. Biarlah orang yang aku temui itu sama2 mencari keredhaan Allah. Oleh itu, aku tekad. Bercinta bukanlah pilihan utama sekarang ni walaupun dah lama aku tinggalkan. Walaupun seseorang ada yang dah confessed (ok ni serius LOL) aku anggap dia macam kawan biasa. Kalau ada jodoh tak ke mana kan? So biarkan jelah. Dan, macam-macam benda aku nak buat sekarang sebelum aku kahwin, 8 or 9 years later iaitu kejar impian dan cita-cita aku. Ok cukup.

The guy, I’ll meet him someday. Tak tahulah siapa kan?
Who we are to change the destiny that has been determined, so there’s nothing to worry about.
I already found the meaning of what I’ve gone through all this while because I always believe that everything happens for a reason and Allah know what's the best for His servants. Yeah, trust me.

p/s : Chinese look still do rated at 1st from my eyes, dunno why. HAHAHAHA :D


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